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It is trendy to talk about living healthy, but what does it really mean? Why not explain the benefits of wellbeing as well as a proper gastronomy arrangement to support a fit lifestyle by downloading one of our Google Slides themes. We have designed many templates which fit a variety of topics ranging from mental health, active and sporty way of life to a good nutrition plan, and a life full of peace and serenity. You can make your audience into healthier human beings by presenting your experience of the benefits of eating better and doing more sports. Don't spend time designing your own healthy living presentations, get a head start and browse our free collection of themes. To help you decide, you can also watch our Healthy living Google Slides themes video playlist summarizing all templates in this category.
Healthy Food Guide Google Slides template for download

Food is the fuel of our body. What you feed your body will determine how it will run and function. Our Healthy Food Guide Google Slides theme is here to help with getting people eating healthier. It is not all about the food we eat, but also our ea...

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Hygiene Google Slides template for download

Ever wonder why the average lifespan in today’s generation has declined compared to previous generations? It’s because people replaced healthy lifestyles with poor life choices in food and hygiene which has resulted in increased cases of infectious d...

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Wellbeing Google Slides template for download

The following Wellbeing Google Slides theme provides a layout for spas, skincare, beauty and for remixing your facial features through care. One of the slides includes an infographic which tells the audience how much people are interested in caring a...

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Diet Google Slides template for download

In today's world, a healthy lifestyle is hard to come by. People are accustomed to eating junk food because they are readily-available in fast-food restaurants and require less time to prepare. This Diet Google Slides theme presents images of smoothi...

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Active Lifestyle Google Slides template for download

Taking care of your true home is crucial. Our body is the place we live in as humans. Taking care of it is like maintaining a beautiful house or temple. Being fit is a lifestyle. This and more we tried to capture in our Active Lifestyle Google Slides...

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Nutrition Google Slides template for download

Would you need a Google Slides theme that can highlight a nutritious aspect of life? Look no further. With the colorful slides in this PowerPoint, we have got you covered. With around 25 slides, you can easily put all your content into the Nutrition...

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Mental Health Google Slides template for download

For healthy living, it is crucial to keep up with your mind. Anyone out there working with mental health organizations knows how hard it can be to engagingly present ideas. We understand this trouble of yours and have come up with just the solution i...

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Peace And Serenity Google Slides template for download

After a long and stressful day at work, everyone wants to go home and enjoy some peace and quiet as they ponder on the events of the day either at work or school. A peaceful life is what people nowadays try to attain because of the many distractions...

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