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5 Star Hotel Google Slides template for download

Are you working for hotels or resorts? With 5 star hotels, you are bound to have tons of fancy and elite guests staying over. In such times when you have a high-end clientele, all elements of your business must be fancy and top-notch. To aid you in t...

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Hotel vs Airbnb Google Slides template for download

Need a Google Slides theme that can highlight the benefits of a hotel vs. an Airbnb? Here we have it for you as a free download. This presentation template was designed especially for hotel and resort management teams who want to get the word out in...

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Grand Hotel Google Slides template for download

Looking for a Google Slides theme fit for your grand hotel business? We know how difficult it can be to find something that suits exactly your needs. This is why we have designed this aesthetically pleasing and efficient Grand Hotel PowerPoint presen...

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