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Are you in a market for a Google Slides theme related to the Law keyword? Here you can browse our bespoke presentation templates which could match your Law criteria. Feel free to window-shop through our catalog of the main slide thumbnails and locate the Law that fits your presentation topic. If you did not find what you were looking for, try searching for Law instead.
Law Firm Google Slides template for download

A lawyer who practices law or works for a legal firm may use our Law Firm PowerPoint template to create professional PowerPoint presentation to showcase their services, ideas, or recent victories. Attorneys and presentation designers may use customiz...

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Jury Google Slides template for download

In criminal offense cases, the jury is one of the most critical catalysts in deciding the defendant's fate. In cases where the jury makes a decision, a formal jury selection process takes place before the court hearing. In these cases, you need to un...

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Law Office Google Slides template for download

With hues of purple, black and white, this Law Office Google slides theme is the right pick for any legal firm presentation whether it is for proposals, new services offerings, pitches or an introductory session for the new lawyers. Equipped with sli...

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Legal Right Google Slides template for download

For any event that has to highlight your Legal Right representation, each deck provides an in-depth analysis of the necessary facts. In addition to providing conclusive facts, this slideshow may help your law firm's mission by offering them with the...

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