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Principles Of Pedagogy Google Slides template for download

Where would we be without pedagogy? Probably all dumb as a rock. Our Principles of Pedagogy presentation talks about the different learning phases that all students must pass through to become high-performing learners with excellent grades. It shows...

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Attractive Creative Google Slides template for download

Color has a significant impact on learning, so using an education template with the right color mix will help reinforce your teaching in the minds of your audience. This creative template features attractive white and red mix colors tocapture your st...

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Senior Graduation Google Slides template for download

The Senior Graduation Google Slides theme includes images of books, students learning in a class, and studying in a library to showcase the relevance of education in today's society. It displays images of proud students having completed their studies...

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Tutoring Google Slides template for download

This Tutoring presentation theme provides a layout of the learning process among young children in a classroom setting. One of the Google slides shows an infographic depicting a bar graph that highlights the learning process in four categories to exp...

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